Lee County Women's Tennis League

"Promoting Tennis in Lee County since 1978"

How to Contact Us

League Officers

Emalee, Tiffany, Charlene, Randi

Email Links

Click on the link to send email to the individual officers:

Director:Tiffany Gaede

Associate Director:Charlene Morris

Secretary:Randi Ireland

Treasurer:Emalee Baldwin

Click on this link to send an email to All the Executive Officers

If you need to contact our Past Director, click here: Terri Rabicoff

Others you may wish to Contact

Other People you may wish to contact:

Audrey Palmer: Website Administrator

Elery Shaw: Webmaster

Sue Ann Fahnenstiel: Scheduler

When Should You Contact Us

Always follow the Chain of Command.

Contact us if you have a question or a problem. It is advisable to keep your Captain in the loop and if necessary your Captain can contact their division officers, and division officers may elevate issues to the Executive Officers.

You should contact us when you are unable to contact a Captain or Division Officer to help you.

Of course, you can contact us if you feel that you need answers from the Director.

The Director, Associate Director, League Secretary, and League Treasurer are very much concerned with the "big picture" and "what is best for the league as a whole". The Director does not have a vote unless there is a "tie".

Please check the rules and if you feel there is something that needs addressing let us know. Any rules changes should be submitted to our Associate Director:Charlene Morris A date for rules submission will be announced in the Fall. Always state the rule, the page number in the book and the change you wish to suggest.

Suggestions are always welcome to solve problems that you see.

Please refer to your book for full information regarding the Division Officers.

Click here to read the Job Descriptions of all the various roles that make our league work.